These Eco Organic Fairtrade Handwoven Yoga Mats are made in respect for the Traditional Yoga practice of India. By being firm, they teach you the proper postures and strengthen your body. By being made of natural fabric, they connect you to the energy field of the earth. By being dyed in Ayurvedic herbs, they enhance the healing process of your daily yoga and meditation practice. The grip offered by natural rubber gives you the confidence to go beyond your limitations.


Dimensions: 185cm by 68cm by 2mm

Foldable and light to carry: 950g


Materials: Organic Cotton and Natural Rubber, dyed naturally using Ayurvedic herbs


Available colours:

Yellow (Anti-inflammatory)
Aubergine (Harmonising)
Grey (Relaxing & Grounding)

Coral (Energising & Detoxifying)


Made in: India, by hand under Fair Trade standards.


Care Instructions:

Machine washable at low temperature without detergent. If you take care of your mat as indicated, they will last longer and love you even more for it! If you must dry your mat in the dryer, please use low temperature and short cycle.

Ayurvedic Yoga Mat (Aubergine) - Harmonising