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The Reason Sustainability is So Important for the Future of the Planet

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

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It's a buzz word that we are all becoming more and more aware of now; particularly in the last few years. Many people seemingly would skim over it if they read it in an article and not think twice about it but understanding the true meaning of the word, in terms of its environmental impact and value, is a lot more crucial than we might think.

The Earth is a common resource that we ALL share. Some appreciate its beauty and value, others do not. One thing's for sure though; those who don't highly regard or appreciate what the Earth naturally provides for us (them included) will sooner or later have to start caring because our time of exploiting the worlds finite natural resources is running out. That said, it is certainly not all doom and gloom just yet. There are many ways we can help to 'do our bit'. One such avenue is by becoming more A W A R E of what we are purchasing on a daily, weekly or even yearly basis. This phenomenon is known as 'conscious-consumerism' and is likely to be a phrase you will see starting to appear more frequently over the coming months. (More on this in my next blog post...)

From the small stuff to the big, our lifestyles are often so fast-paced now that we can barely keep up with them ourselves, let alone be factoring in thoughts of "how much are my actions affecting the environment" every time we make a purchase or "throw away" our rubbish. The latter; "throw away your rubbish" has to be one of the most mid-leading and biggest myths of the century, if not EVER!

Really, it's plain and simple - there is no 'away'!

Every single piece of plastic ever made is still on this planet. If that very thought doesn't scare you, it should! This means there has to be a limit to the quantity of man-made human trash that the Earth can accommodate and one day that limit will be reached. As if that pressure isn't enough, the world's human population is continuously increasing at an unsustainable rate, in turn putting even more strain on these natural resources and creating even more waste with nowhere to go.

So, something has got to give. In my opinion, it should be our own actions, as human beings. It is a well-known fact that climate change has always been a phenomenon when you look at the Earth's history, but the growing concern in reason years is due to the rate at which this climate change is occurring; catalysed by human actions and interference in the Earth's natural climatic patterns. Therefore, if humans have been the catalyst for negative change, I believe it is time we turn our actions around and become a catalyst for POSITIVE change. In the words of Ben Fogle, "We're the first generation to fully understand the havoc humans are causing. We're also the last generation who can turn things around and make things right - for the health. wealth and security of our children, grandchildren and generations to come."

So, what are we waiting for?!

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